Summary: 95% of Trademark Bullying cases end in the little guy changing their name, not because they are in violation, but because they can’t afford to pay the legal fees involved in defending their mark.

Why it’s important to Fight? Many people ask us “why not just change our name?” The answer is if we give bullies what they want (more power), the bullies get stronger and the little guy is crushed. We live in a world where corporations have too much power, and abuse that power. It’s not a secret. If we keep not fighting back, who knows how much more they will take?

Did you know only 10% of the US population actively supported the revolution that gave the USA freedom from British oppression? It won’t take as many of us standing up as you think. If you won’t stand up with us here, choose another area and put your foot down, so that we the little guy will have a stake in the future.

Are you facing a battle against big corporations? Are the cards stacked against you? Then get in touch with us so we can let others know what is happening. We hope this can be a resource that brings people together so we can have the collective strength needed to keep big multinational corporations from taking over the world (even more). We can create a better world, but it has to start somewhere, so tell us what’s happening and we will add your situation here:

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We will need your help to make this happen. That means money and manpower. If you want to help, let us know.В